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Jabón Para Manos
Well don't say you don't want me to make you feel like a dumb ass if you're going to say stupid shit. Right?

Sorry for making this my dumping ground today. I don't care if I'm negative on LJ because nobody reads it. ^_^
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I've been a fairly mellow child for 22 years of my existence. I've been obedient, haven't talked excessively out of turn, and have compromised my attitude for peace when conflicts have arisen.

So when I say this, you know I really do mean it: Dad, you're ruining my life right now.
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Maybe it's because I'm sitting in the library with nothing to do for 2 full hours while I wait for my damn test to start...

...but I find that the internet is a really boring place.
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The Wolverine movie coming out... m'not so sure about it.

Deadpool is not a sauce nugget.
Sabertooth is not a clean shaven metro
And Emma Frost is not Paris Hilton.
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A friend of mine sent this to my dad recently in an e-mail titled: "We still have a long way to go."
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I just wanted to share this icon that I ganked from another user (who ganked it from a userpic community).
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The two compliments I get more often than anything else:

"You have beautiful hair."
"You're very good at packing groceries."

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I don't care what your thoughts on President Bush are at this point, that man DESERVES respect.

If only his reflexes had been that good in all aspects of his presidency.

Oh wait... respect, right.

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This was on the Yahoo homepage today.  If you haven't seen it, you should watch it now.

Enjoy the QQ.
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I was hoping to find a community on theatre games to ask this in... but then I realized most of my friends are theatre kids.

I'm trying to remember how to play this game where there's someone in the middle of a circle of some other people, and they have to point to one person and... I guess give a command.  Then the one to whom the person in the middle pointed and the two people next to him have to obey the command.

And all I remember is two of the commands: viking and elephant.

And I swear there was something to yell like "train wreck" that... did... something.

Somebody help me out, because I totally don't remember anything else about the game and wanted to use it as a team-building activity.

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